4 Ways to Boost your CSI Scores

You don’t have to sacrifice your dignity to get a better score. And as an added bonus, you’ll also do more sales and have genuinely happier customers.

Your CSI score offers insight into how your dealership is perceived by customers and tells manufacturers if you’re deserving of their product. It’s much more than a simple measurement; it’s the key to your success. So how can you raise your CSI score and maintain it? Here are four simple ideas you can implement right away:

1. Respect the customer’s time

There’s nothing more valuable than time. And these days, when customers can research features, specs and pricing online, the clock is already ticking when they walk through the doors of your dealership. In our technology-driven society, the long-winded sales pitch or monotonous on-hold music is not only not wanted, some folks actually resent it. So if you’re guilty of these time wasters, address and eliminate them right away. You’ll be showing customers you value their time and your CSI scores will go up.

2. Do personal follow-ups

Whether or not you got the sale, taking the initiative to follow up with the customer can either reinforce their decision (and potentially create a repeat customer) or encourage a prospect to make a purchase. While an email or text message may be fine (some folks may actually prefer it) making it more personal by calling them shows how sincere you are about serving them. Make follow ups a part of your sales process and watch your CSI score climb.

3. Make service easy, convenient and personal

There’s no doubt about it, there’s been a definite shift in the customer service process in all industries. The digital age has transformed the relationship between customers and businesses. Harnessing the capabilities of technology allows you to deliver the most personalized experience to customers and potential ones with services like online appointment scheduling, text reminders for service calls, personal pick up and deliver of vehicles for servicing and much more. Eliminating the need for clients to call in and wait on hold to make their own appointments translates into better customer service, which equals higher CSI scores.

4. No lines + no waiting = value

You already know that customers value their time as much as their money and in reality, many of them are even willing to pay a little more for a better value. Implementing a loaner car program that provides a car for them to use while theirs is being serviced is one step in the right direction. But what if you delivered that loaner car to them, took their car back for servicing and exchanged one for the other once the service was complete? This type of program eliminates the need for your customer to come to the dealership for service, which translates into no waiting, which ultimately translates into more satisfied customers. The end result: higher CSI scores.

There’s no question as to the importance of CSI scores in today’s competitive market. Automakers are demanding achievement when it comes to customer satisfaction and the success or failure of your dealership could depend on your score. Contact us today to find out how else we can help you improve your CSI scores.

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