5 Thoughts Customers Have Walking Onto Your Lot

The truth may hurt, but it’s not always wrong.

While cars have changed dramatically since the auto industry emerged roughly one hundred years ago, the dealership experience hasn’t. It’s time for a change. Your customers may not be saying this to you directly, but it’s what they’re thinking.

Maybe it’s time to get into your customers’ heads to better understand where they’re coming from – and better understand how to satisfy them.

1. The truth hurts. Deal with it.
It’s probably no surprise to you that the majority of consumers dread the dealership experience. No matter how you try to provide excellent customer service, the purchase experience alone is painful and time-consuming. The service experience, while it lacks the sales negotiation drama, still takes precious time out of customers’ already overbooked schedules. They don’t enjoy time spent waiting, even if to talk with a Service Writer and secure a loaner.

2. I already know what I want. Can’t you just give it to me?
Today’s consumers are smart, well informed and, yes, in a hurry. When it comes to purchasing a new or used car, chances are they have done their homework. They know the features they’re looking for and the price they want to pay. They would really like to simplify the whole process. They really would rather be anywhere else, click their mouse, and make the new car appear without ever visiting the dealership. When it comes to servicing their car, even with an appointment, they know they are in for an extended dealership visit and would simply like things expedited as quickly as possible.

3. I want to test drive a car, but I know it’s going to take forever.
There’s a reason it’s called a “test drive.” It’s an opportunity to touch, feel and experience the handling of a car to determine if it’s a fit or not. Unfortunately for consumers, it has become an experience reeking of probing questions and sales pressure. The dread of this experience keeps customers from visiting your dealership.

4. A loaner car had be5 thoughts customers have walking onto your lottter be waiting for me when I get there.
As a consumer, being shuttled to a rental agency for a loaner car is an insulting and time-consuming adventure. Not to mention, it’s even more inconvenient than waiting at an in-house loaner counter. But face it: it does happen, possibly at your dealership, as well. To your customer, being expected to wait at all is an inconvenience. It’s not the treatment your customer deserves, let alone the treatment you want to deliver.

5. There’s got to be a better way.
This really doesn’t require explanation. But it’s on the tip of your customer’s tongue as he or she waits for a service advisor to inspect a loaner. It’s in the eyes of a potential buyer sitting at the table while waiting for a sales person to consult the sales manager about an offer. It’s on the mind of your customer before he or she ever walks onto your lot.

While all of these thoughts may be going through your customers’ heads, there are solutions available to help change their minds. More importantly, there are solutions available to change the dealership experience overall.

In short, today’s most advanced technology allows consumers to go online, research, compare, price out and even pick the car they want to buy without ever having to leave home. Now, you can implement software solutions that provide the same experience for your current and potential customers. Imagine the possibilities of offering your customers the ability to order a test drive, choose their new car or request service on their existing car without having to drive to your dealership.

For more information about how you can transform how you do business and offer your customers this revolutionary Out of Store Experience, contact us.

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