Loveable Car Salesmen Are Not An Oxymoron

There’s a new kind of buyer in town – and they want to love you (from a distance).

It’s nearly the same as it’s been for the past 100 years. Customers walk into your dealership, your salesmen greets them and takes them around the lot, showing them the array of models you have and presenting his best sales pitch. Then, the negotiations begin and with any luck, a sale is made and a happy customer drives away in their brand new car. But guess what? Just like every other aspect of our lives, technology is changing the way your buyers shop—so if your salesmen aren’t armed with the necessary tools to keep customers happy and coming back, it’s time to get onboard.

No offense, but they don’t like to visit.
It’s a fact of life—online shopping extends to almost every aspect of our lives. And your customers are no different. Research tells us that 90% of them want to shop or get their vehicle serviced without having to come into your dealership. Even if you’re the one they want to buy from or have their vehicle serviced by, they’d mostly prefer an out of store experience.

Everyone likes a salesman with the right tools.
Today’s advanced technology offers ways for you and your entire team to serve your customers without them ever having to leave their living rooms. Technology that’s designed to streamline, automate and seamlessly provide things like service, test drives, new vehicle purchases, even loaner cars. Imagine your best salespeople engaging and serving customers through an entire sales process that takes place outside of the walls of your dealership.

Loveable Car Salesmen Are Not an Oxymoron No pressure, now that’s likeable.
When customers engage with your salesmen outside the walls of your dealership,
a certain amount of dreaded pressure is eliminated. Customers want the power to make decisions without that stereotypical car salesman looming over them and when you offer them a solution that allows them to research a new vehicle, book service or request a loaner car in the comfort of their own home—that’s like the icing on the cake.

Happy customers mean everyone’s happy
Even though today’s high tech world makes everything we do faster, easier and more convenient, the basics of why you do what you do will always remain the same—making your customers happy is what it’s all about. So while your dealership may have been serving your community for generations, evolving with the times is key to continued success.

They’ll feel valued & love you for it
There’s nothing more valuable to people these days than time. By providing an out of store experience for your clients or potential customers, you’re showing them how much you value their time. There’s no longer that expectation of spending hours browsing the showroom, driving their car over for service and then returning to pick it up when it’s done. By utilizing a streamlined, automated, branded and robust solution you will eliminate wait times and drive times, giving them back hours of their life—a truly invaluable gift that they’ll love you for.

This revolution, this shift in the customer service paradigm is not just on the verge, it’s happening in dealerships across the world. When you’re ready, talk to us to learn more about how we can help you offer an easy, branded, seamless solution that will change the way you and your customers work together.

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