Loveable Car Salesmen Are Not An Oxymoron

There’s a new kind of buyer in town – and they want to love you (from a distance).

It’s nearly the same as it’s been for the past 100 years. Customers walk into your dealership, your salesmen greets them and takes them around the lot, showing them the array of models you have and presenting his best sales pitch. Then, the negotiations begin and with any luck, a sale is made and a happy customer drives away in their brand new car. But guess what? Just like every other aspect of our lives, technology is changing the way your buyers shop—so if your salesmen aren’t armed with the necessary tools to keep customers happy and coming back, it’s time to get onboard.

No offense, but they don’t like to visit.
It’s a fact of life—online shopping extends to almost every aspect of our lives. And your customers are no different. Research tells us that 90% of them want to shop or get their vehicle serviced without having to come into your dealership. Even if you’re the one they want to buy from or have their vehicle serviced by, they’d mostly prefer an out of store experience.

Everyone likes a salesman with the right tools.
Today’s advanced technology offers ways for you and your entire team to serve your customers without them ever having to leave their living rooms. Technology that’s designed to streamline, automate and seamlessly provide things like service, test drives, new vehicle purchases, even loaner cars. Imagine your best salespeople engaging and serving customers through an entire sales process that takes place outside of the walls of your dealership.

Loveable Car Salesmen Are Not an Oxymoron No pressure, now that’s likeable.
When customers engage with your salesmen outside the walls of your dealership,
a certain amount of dreaded pressure is eliminated. Customers want the power to make decisions without that stereotypical car salesman looming over them and when you offer them a solution that allows them to research a new vehicle, book service or request a loaner car in the comfort of their own home—that’s like the icing on the cake.

Happy customers mean everyone’s happy
Even though today’s high tech world makes everything we do faster, easier and more convenient, the basics of why you do what you do will always remain the same—making your customers happy is what it’s all about. So while your dealership may have been serving your community for generations, evolving with the times is key to continued success.

They’ll feel valued & love you for it
There’s nothing more valuable to people these days than time. By providing an out of store experience for your clients or potential customers, you’re showing them how much you value their time. There’s no longer that expectation of spending hours browsing the showroom, driving their car over for service and then returning to pick it up when it’s done. By utilizing a streamlined, automated, branded and robust solution you will eliminate wait times and drive times, giving them back hours of their life—a truly invaluable gift that they’ll love you for.

This revolution, this shift in the customer service paradigm is not just on the verge, it’s happening in dealerships across the world. When you’re ready, talk to us to learn more about how we can help you offer an easy, branded, seamless solution that will change the way you and your customers work together.

Out of Store Experiences for Buyers Who Dislike Dealerships

Most Americans would rather give up their phone (for a month) than go car shopping. How can your dealership change that?

Let’s face it: the times, they are a’ changin’. There’s just no denying it. The days of customers walking onto your lot, strolling among your inventory, kicking the tires, chatting with your salesman and driving away in a new automobile are becoming rare. In fact, they might already be gone.

Your customers want what they want when they want it.

You see, today’s consumers are used to instant gratification and get it in most aspects of their lives. They are tech savvy, and they expect to be catered to on their own terms. And more importantly, they expect to be catered to on their own turf. With the advent of online shopping, consumers learned the convenience of researching and purchasing items small and large from the comfort of their home, office or the local coffee shop. They now expect this same convenience from your dealership: they want an out of store experience when it comes to purchasing and servicing their vehicle.

Is an out of storOut of Store Experiences for Buyers Who Dislike Dealershipse experience even possible in the car industry? Yes.

Fortunately, you can give your customers what they want. You can give them an out of store experience when you take advantage of today’s advanced technology developed to allow you to satisfy your customer’s desires. Technology streamlines, automates and seamlessly allows your customers to experience service, test drives, new vehicle purchases and even loaner cars – all without ever stepping foot onto your lot.

The bottom line? Boost yours.

Think about it: you can arm your entire staff with a tool that creates efficiencies across your operation while giving you the ability to deliver a superior experience for your customers. You can deliver a car for a customer to test drive right to his or her front door. You can arrange for a professional staff member to pick up your customer’s car for service and leave a loaner in its place. You can deliver the serviced car right back to your customer’s door – or another location if the customer requests – when the service is complete. Imagine the convenience you have just delivered to a now completely satisfied customer. Imagine the increased efficiencies your operation can realize. Imagine the confidence of your empowered staff. Imagine the boost in your bottom line.

In light of the changing times, it’s time for dealerships to embrace the opportunity to transform the way they do business. Harnessing the capabilities offered by the technology of today can ensure your success tomorrow. To find out more about offering your clients an off-site experience, contact us today.

5 Thoughts Customers Have Walking Onto Your Lot

The truth may hurt, but it’s not always wrong.

While cars have changed dramatically since the auto industry emerged roughly one hundred years ago, the dealership experience hasn’t. It’s time for a change. Your customers may not be saying this to you directly, but it’s what they’re thinking.

Maybe it’s time to get into your customers’ heads to better understand where they’re coming from – and better understand how to satisfy them.

1. The truth hurts. Deal with it.
It’s probably no surprise to you that the majority of consumers dread the dealership experience. No matter how you try to provide excellent customer service, the purchase experience alone is painful and time-consuming. The service experience, while it lacks the sales negotiation drama, still takes precious time out of customers’ already overbooked schedules. They don’t enjoy time spent waiting, even if to talk with a Service Writer and secure a loaner.

2. I already know what I want. Can’t you just give it to me?
Today’s consumers are smart, well informed and, yes, in a hurry. When it comes to purchasing a new or used car, chances are they have done their homework. They know the features they’re looking for and the price they want to pay. They would really like to simplify the whole process. They really would rather be anywhere else, click their mouse, and make the new car appear without ever visiting the dealership. When it comes to servicing their car, even with an appointment, they know they are in for an extended dealership visit and would simply like things expedited as quickly as possible.

3. I want to test drive a car, but I know it’s going to take forever.
There’s a reason it’s called a “test drive.” It’s an opportunity to touch, feel and experience the handling of a car to determine if it’s a fit or not. Unfortunately for consumers, it has become an experience reeking of probing questions and sales pressure. The dread of this experience keeps customers from visiting your dealership.

4. A loaner car had be5 thoughts customers have walking onto your lottter be waiting for me when I get there.
As a consumer, being shuttled to a rental agency for a loaner car is an insulting and time-consuming adventure. Not to mention, it’s even more inconvenient than waiting at an in-house loaner counter. But face it: it does happen, possibly at your dealership, as well. To your customer, being expected to wait at all is an inconvenience. It’s not the treatment your customer deserves, let alone the treatment you want to deliver.

5. There’s got to be a better way.
This really doesn’t require explanation. But it’s on the tip of your customer’s tongue as he or she waits for a service advisor to inspect a loaner. It’s in the eyes of a potential buyer sitting at the table while waiting for a sales person to consult the sales manager about an offer. It’s on the mind of your customer before he or she ever walks onto your lot.

While all of these thoughts may be going through your customers’ heads, there are solutions available to help change their minds. More importantly, there are solutions available to change the dealership experience overall.

In short, today’s most advanced technology allows consumers to go online, research, compare, price out and even pick the car they want to buy without ever having to leave home. Now, you can implement software solutions that provide the same experience for your current and potential customers. Imagine the possibilities of offering your customers the ability to order a test drive, choose their new car or request service on their existing car without having to drive to your dealership.

For more information about how you can transform how you do business and offer your customers this revolutionary Out of Store Experience, contact us.

4 Ways to Boost your CSI Scores

You don’t have to sacrifice your dignity to get a better score. And as an added bonus, you’ll also do more sales and have genuinely happier customers.

Your CSI score offers insight into how your dealership is perceived by customers and tells manufacturers if you’re deserving of their product. It’s much more than a simple measurement; it’s the key to your success. So how can you raise your CSI score and maintain it? Here are four simple ideas you can implement right away:

1. Respect the customer’s time

There’s nothing more valuable than time. And these days, when customers can research features, specs and pricing online, the clock is already ticking when they walk through the doors of your dealership. In our technology-driven society, the long-winded sales pitch or monotonous on-hold music is not only not wanted, some folks actually resent it. So if you’re guilty of these time wasters, address and eliminate them right away. You’ll be showing customers you value their time and your CSI scores will go up.

2. Do personal follow-ups

Whether or not you got the sale, taking the initiative to follow up with the customer can either reinforce their decision (and potentially create a repeat customer) or encourage a prospect to make a purchase. While an email or text message may be fine (some folks may actually prefer it) making it more personal by calling them shows how sincere you are about serving them. Make follow ups a part of your sales process and watch your CSI score climb.

3. Make service easy, convenient and personal

There’s no doubt about it, there’s been a definite shift in the customer service process in all industries. The digital age has transformed the relationship between customers and businesses. Harnessing the capabilities of technology allows you to deliver the most personalized experience to customers and potential ones with services like online appointment scheduling, text reminders for service calls, personal pick up and deliver of vehicles for servicing and much more. Eliminating the need for clients to call in and wait on hold to make their own appointments translates into better customer service, which equals higher CSI scores.

4. No lines + no waiting = value

You already know that customers value their time as much as their money and in reality, many of them are even willing to pay a little more for a better value. Implementing a loaner car program that provides a car for them to use while theirs is being serviced is one step in the right direction. But what if you delivered that loaner car to them, took their car back for servicing and exchanged one for the other once the service was complete? This type of program eliminates the need for your customer to come to the dealership for service, which translates into no waiting, which ultimately translates into more satisfied customers. The end result: higher CSI scores.

There’s no question as to the importance of CSI scores in today’s competitive market. Automakers are demanding achievement when it comes to customer satisfaction and the success or failure of your dealership could depend on your score. Contact us today to find out how else we can help you improve your CSI scores.